Thank you so much for your amazing shipping service. I ordered a few cakes and less than 24 hours later they were at my doorstep. Ordering was super easy! They arrived in perfect condition all the way to Cleveland in the 95 degree weather! Cakes were of course delicious! As always! I will definitely be using their services again!

Devorah Klugman
Clevland, Ohio

So excited that the cakes can be shipped. I have ordered to Los Angeles a few times. Every twirl and swirl is perfect upon arrival, one would never know it traveled all that way.

Linda Leibovits
Los Angles, California

Just ordered a Caramel cake and I'm so impressed by the way it arrived from Brooklyn to Miami. It's beautiful and so delicious!

Hudis Meisels 
North Miami Beach, Florida 

What an absolute posotive experience! I don't wonder anymore why "Siegelmans" has been deemed #1 in the pastry world for over 30 years.With this new delivery service, my relatives were able to enjoy a mouthwatering, freshly baked Siegelmans Caramel Log at my nephews Upsherin in Baltimore. The staff went out of their way to ensure that the cake arrived on time. What a fabulous service! Wishing them many more prosperous and sweet years ahead!

Estiee Weinberger
Brooklyn, New York

I ordered a cake for my Granddaughters Kiddush. I couldn't believe how it came perfectly frozen, in a neat box. The special ice that they used worked perfectly. It looked great and was delicious

Devora Schor
Baltimore, Maryland 

When I thought of sending my son in Colorado something special, I thought of sending him his favorite cake in the whole wide world! A Siegelman caramel log. But how would it get there in one piece? By the time my son received the cake, not only was it packaged in such a way that it hadn’t moved in the box, it came frozen!! From New York to Colorado in the middle of the summer heat! How they do this, I do not know; but does it really matter? He was thrilled and so was I!! 

Sarah Kassai
Brooklyn, New York

Cake came in amazing condition. It tasted fresh and was delicious. Best customer service! I will definitely be ordering again!

Leon Balakhani
Baltimore, Maryland

Siegelmans Cakes are the best! I have always marveled at the exquisite texture, flavor and artful design of each cake I sampled (a lot), The most recent siegelman cake I had was shipped a thousand miles directly to my front door. When I opened the box the cake was as glorious as ever, the shipping process did not take away from its perfection one iota. I am just simply amazed

Rochel Aida Goldner
Milwaukee, Wisconsin  

I ordered a cake and had it delivered to camp. I placed the order at 1pm and by 9am the next day the cake arrived. I was amazed it arrived frozen and totally perfect. It was a great experience and definitely will order from here again. Thank you for the great service! 

Gitty Borenstein
Staten Island, New York

I must say, I was hesitant when I knew the cake was being shipped, I wasn't expecting even half of what I actually got. The cake arrived stunningly. I was amazed at how every detail was so perfect. I'm giving them a 12 out of 10 for this! and it goes without saying, the cake (the caramel nut log, my all time favorite) was as usual, so heavenly and fresh!

Naomi Nachman
5 Towns, New York